Winter Storage Packages

$ 69.99$ 269.99

Please Choose Your Storage Option Below
We don’t like surprises any more than you do when it comes to getting a bill. So this is another gentle reminder that storage is priced as low as $1.50/day while we keep your ride safe, warm, and out of the snow. You are responsible for storage costs when you pick up your ride from storage in the spring. Remember, we require 7 days notice in order to have your bike ready and waiting outside for you to pick up and enjoy for the summer. If you have not scheduled your ride for pickup by May 1st, it will cost you an additional $5/day.

Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email with additional questions about your ride so we can provide you with a storage location. Need service while we store your ride over the winter, let us know and we can help with just about anything you need. Come spring, your ride will be ready to ride.

***Special Note***
If you are a proud Harley Davidson owner, you must select the Big Harley Love package below. Please see the product description below for details about what is included in each package.

$ 69.99
$ 269.99
$ 139.99


Simple Store Package Includes:

    1. Check & Regulate Tire Pressure
    2. Drain Carburetor (if applicable)
    3. 10 Point Inspection
    4. Remove and Maintain Battery
    5. Drain Carburetors (if applicable)

Peace of Mind Package Includes:

    1. Includes Simple Store Package
    2. Full Wheel To Wheel Inspection
    3. Engine Oil & Filter Change
    4. Motul Semi-Synthetic Oil
    5. Lube All Pivot Points
    6. Corrosion Inhibitor
    7. *For $19.99 Upgrade to Full Synthetic

Big Harley Love Package Includes:

    1. Includes Complete 3 Cavity Oil Change (Engine, Primary, and Transmission)
    2. Full Wheel To Wheel Inspection
    3. 100% Fully-Synthetic AMSOIL
    4. Lube All Pivot Points
    5. Includes Chrome Oil Filter
    6. Tire Pressure Check
    7. Remove and Maintain Battery
    8. Corrosion Inhibitor

* Each package includes a maximum of 2L of fuel. Anything over 2L will be billed to the customer at time of pickup in the spring.