Silver Wax – Degreaser

$ 16.99 $ 13.99


Say goodbye to the stubborn dirt on your machine with the Silverwax Moto degreaser! Versatile and efficient like no other, it quickly removes traces and deposits that accumulate on tires, rims, engine, chain and brakes. And as you just spray and rinse the product, cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces is child’s play. That’s bottled power, and a safe solution for aluminum, chrome and plastic.


  • To degrease: tires, rims, engine, chain and brakes.
  • Quickly removes stubborn dirt, mud, grease, carbon and brake dust.
  • Its formula spray and rinse cleans hard to reach areas of your bike.
  • For off-road motorcycle enthusiasts, this is the perfect product to clean the bike after a ride.