Quick Release Buckle – Black

$ 11.99

The ECHO Quick Release has been on the market since 1987. It has proven to be a reliable, fast and convenient way to fasten and unfasten the chinstrap of a safety helmet.

The ECHO Quick Release is constructed of tempered steel with an ECHO Design metal-to-metal  locking system in a high Nylon Body.

The ECHO Quick Release can be used in both warm and cold weather riding – durable body arms stay flexible to minus 40 degrees F.

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The RELIABLE, FAST CONVENIENT way to securely fasten your safety helmet chin strap.

• Constructed of tempered steel and high impact nylon.
• Easily installed on any helmet.
• No sewing or special tools needed.
• Exceeds Chin Strap Testing Requirements for both DOT 218 and Snell M2005 performance standards!