Midland – BT2 Wireless Intercom Dual Pack

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Two wireless Bluetooth multimedia systems designed for Rider to Passenger or Motorcycle to Motorcycle (up to 1/8 mile) Intercom.


The Midland BT2 Rider and Passenger are identical devices and independent from each other.

Rider and Passenger or Intercom Motorcycle to Motorcycle up to 220 yards

Fitted with AGC function that automatically controls the volume in relation to background noise

Midland BT2 Rider and Passenger connected to a cell phone with built in MP3 player can “remote control” the features FORWARD/REPLAY and PLAY/STOP from the headsets.

Connects up to 3 Bluetooth devices – Cell phone, GPS, MP3 or another BT2

Connects to non-Bluetooth devices – MP3

Up to 8 Hours of usage

Weather resistant (Rain & Snow)

Wind Resistant Microphone

Automatic Gain Control Speakers

Dimensions – 3.5” x 2.0”x 0.8”

  •  Two identical devices that can function independent of each other
  •  Set of two types of mounting hardware for helmets (base with screw and base with adhesive)
  •  Set of two types of microphones (boom mic and wired mic)
  •  AC dual charger
  •  DC charger
  •  Stereo cable

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